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Well, time for a makeover it is then.
I didn't think "total makeover" would be so literal.


[edit] Proposed Canon

Ashen skin is part of the personal Signamancy of some units, usually Casters. It sometimes happens to units having faced some great personal tragedy or hardship.[1]

The only known way of reversing this change is for the unit to Croak and be subsequently Decrypted. This causes a "subtle realignment" that seems to mentally or spiritually heal them of the damage dealt, without necessarily causing them to forget it.[2]

[edit] Known Ashen Units

[edit] Speculation

It's possible that a Signamancy Spell, similar to but opposite the one that was used on Slately in the Siege of Spacerock could be crafted to temporarily return the caster to their previous appearance.

[edit] Citations

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