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[edit] Proposed Canon

Bullyclub is a side in Erfworld. It came into three conflicts with the So-be-it Union. It's third attempt involved dismantling the Union from the inside by getting King Scrofula of Squashcourt to betray his allies. It ultimately failed, but was shown mercy and invited into the Union.

[edit] Side

It is a non-Royal Capital Side, producing human units.

[edit] Inhabitants

[edit] Forces

[edit] Location

Main article: Erfworld Geography

Bullyclub shares a border with Squashcourt to its north, and has Firstpost near but not bordering to the North West.

[edit] Real World References

Bullyclub is a reference to "bully", a physically and emotionally intimidating and even abusive person, and may be a double reference to club in the sense of organization and as a weapon. That it antagonizes four weaker sides repeatedly and is also bully like in its behavior.

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