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Capital City
Side: Charlescomm
Level: 5
'Charlescomm from LIAB Text 17'

Charlescomm could refer to something else. See Charlescomm (disambiguation)

[edit] Proposed Canon

Charlescomm is the capital city of Charlescomm, the side by the same name. It is the sole city owned by the side and ruled by Overlord Charlie. The Arkendish overlooks the city from on top of the tower, where Charlie and his top archons reside.

It is reputed to be the best defended spot in all Erfworld. The walls include modernistic anti-air artillery emplacements. The only side ever known to have attempted an attack on it was Haffaton under Olive Branch's orders, which didn't go as planned.IPTSF Text 80

It has, or possibly had depending on whether Charlie honored his agreement with Jillian, a garden allocated to producing Olive Branch's creations, such as the heroine buds.

[edit] Unit Production

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