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City of Homekey
Capital City
Side: Homekey


[edit] Proposed Canon

The City of Homekey is the Capital of Homekey. As a city, it was designed directly by King Posbrake.

It features gleaming glass, indoor gardens, and orchard trees.

[edit] Location

The City of Homekey is adjacent to the Backslush, the hexwide river that separates the sides of Homekey and Delkey.

[edit] Layout

Notable features of the city include:

  • A palace of gleaming glass and functional floor design.
  • The Space, an architectural "hiccup" used as an off hours bar and pub by Homekey units.
  • Feast Hall/Banquet Hall
  • The Long Table, a meeting room for the King, his staff and visiting dignitaries.
  • The Tower is the most fortified point against air assault of all Homekey, second only to Weatherbug.
  • A Library.
  • An glass roofed atrium. Inside it there are rows of vegetable gardens and fruit trees, including apples, plums, and cabbages,

[edit] Unit Production

The city of Homekey can pop the following Units, and is unique in its side for being the only one able to:

[edit] Speculation

Considering King Posbrake's "playing wide" strategy, the city of Homekey may be the only one in the entire side which is level 4 or higher.

The indoor gardens and orchards may give the city the Farm special and lower the Upkeep of garrisoned units.

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