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[edit] Proposed Canon

First Mentioned: LIAB Epilogue 22

Flintlock the Voluble was King of Jetstone. The diary of the King of Jetstone was created during his reign. His writings filled three quarters of the volume.

[edit] Real World References

A flintlock is rumored to be a method of activating one of the fabled firework sticks said to dominate Realworldian warfare.

Flintlock may be a reference to Fred Flintstone, a contemporary Hana Barbera cartoon with The Jetsons. Fred Flintstone was also very voluble and temperamental, fitting with the reference. It also fits the pattern with Slately being a portmanteau of the two bosses in The Jetstons and the Flintstones; Mr. Slate and Mr. Spacely, respectively.

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