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Turn Number:75
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

An oblique view from below and to the left of Slately's desk. Slately's hand is still on his head, and the Thinkagram image is grayed out by ambient light. A door is open on the wall opposite the desk, and a guard is sticking his head in. On that wall are two mounted dwagon heads, one red and one blue. On the wall to Slately's right are statues of men resembling Slately and wearing crowns.


King Slately: As it is, we've had most field units wasting move hunting and foraging.

King Slately: We have harvested three Sourmanders we can scarce afford to spare.

King Slately: With the end of this fight, we may finally-

Jetstone Guard: Sire?

King Slately: Yes what is it!

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