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The original update has three "loose" Hamstard panels. This panel is a placeholder; it's the one already in the wiki. Please find a way to upload them that works with the paneler.

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Turn Number:NA
Side's Turn:Unknown

Hamstard Panel. He's half turned away, he looks peeved.


So I asked Maggie, and she immediately got weird about it. Had like a twinkle in her eye, like she’d been waiting for me to ask this question. We talked about Charlie’s hack, which took her by surprise. She didn’t really know how the books work, either. I guess you forget a lot of what happens in a link-up, like your brain can’t think in 4 dimensions anymore or something.

I asked both of them if they’d be willing to link up again and check out the books for security holes. They were actually both really interested in doing it. They did that yesterday, and came out of the link just fine. Maggie said she didn’t think they’d been compromised, but maybe Charlie had tried. She made some changes. She said, “It was the right sort of question to ask.”

Jack, on the other hand, did something amazing to this thing. Now I can project 3-D models with it, instead of having to describe them to him. It’s not quite the old battle map, but the strategy sessions go even better now.

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