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Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Night

Panel 1

LIAB Epilogue 25:1/Description[25:1/Description&action=edit edit]
LIAB Epilogue 25:1/Text [25:1/Text&action=edit edit]

Panel 2

LIAB Epilogue 25:2/Description[25:2/Description&action=edit edit]
LIAB Epilogue 25:2/Text [25:2/Text&action=edit edit]

Panel 3

Select to reveal: The interior of Charlie's fortress, complete with turret emplacements, hundreds of archons, and an armory of machine guns. This is the first appearance of Earth-like technology in Erfworld.[25:3/Description&action=edit edit]
None [25:3/Text&action=edit edit]

Panel 4

LIAB Epilogue 25:4/Description[25:4/Description&action=edit edit]
LIAB Epilogue 25:4/Text [25:4/Text&action=edit edit]

Panel 5

LIAB Epilogue 25:5/Description[25:5/Description&action=edit edit]
LIAB Epilogue 25:5/Text [25:5/Text&action=edit edit]

Panel 6

LIAB Epilogue 25:6/Description[25:6/Description&action=edit edit]
LIAB Epilogue 25:6/Text [25:6/Text&action=edit edit]

Panel 7

LIAB Epilogue 25:7/Description[25:7/Description&action=edit edit]
LIAB Epilogue 25:7/Text [25:7/Text&action=edit edit]

Panel 8

LIAB Epilogue 25:8/Description[25:8/Description&action=edit edit]
LIAB Epilogue 25:8/Text [25:8/Text&action=edit edit]
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