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This is a reference page for all instances of Predictions, whether they have been fulfilled or have yet to be finished.

[edit] Predictions

Source Predictamancer Prophecy Outcome
IPTSF Text 9 Delphie Temple Olive Branch is fated to be Wanda Firebaugh's Chief Caster for many turns. Fulfilled
IPTSF Text 10 Delphie Temple If Wanda continues to speak, it will bring ruin to Goodminton. Fulfilled
IPTSF Text 10 Delphie Temple Frenemy and Quisling won't maintain their alliance with Goodminton for many turns longer. Fulfilled
IPTSF Text 33 Marie Lavraie The capital of Faq will fall, King Banhammer will be croaked, and Jillian will assume the throne. Almost avoided, then Fulfilled. Haffaton conquers Faq, but Faq overcomes them and ends Haffaton. Banhammer is croaked long afterwards by Wanda, and the city fell a second time to Stanley. Jillian abandons Faq, but is eventually compelled to take it to fight Stanley.
IPTSF Text 48 Delphie Temple A warlord named Jillian (or Jill or Gillian) will come across the ruins of Goodminton and find a message hat. Fulfilled
IPTSF Text 54 Maya Calendar A warlord named Jillian will croak the ruler of Haffaton. Fulfilled. Jillian was motivated by the Jester to kill Judy; but when Judy left Erfworld and made Olive Overlady, Jillian croaked her instead.
LIAB Text 37 Marie Lavraie Wanda is the right choice to give the scroll for the "Ending War on Erf" plan to. Unfinished
LIAB Text 37 Marie Lavraie, Phillip, many other Predictamancers. Parson will return to the Magic Kingdom. Fulfilled
LIAB 67 Marie Lavraie Janis will stack with Parson. Fulfilled
LIAB 87 Unknown, possibly multiple Parson will complete 3, possibly 4 prophecies. These are implied to involve bringing peace to Erfworld and croaking Charlie. Unfinished
LIAB 82 Phillip Isaac & the Thinkamancers will let Parson through the portal and he will go through. Fulfilled
WB2014 Digdoug - Episode 7 Unknown Barbarian Predictamancer An imminent, devastating attack on Weatherbug, with no surviving speaking units. Fulfilled, but city held thanks to a surviving hidden rock Golem.
WB2014 Digdoug - Episode 7 Unknown Barbarian Predictamancer The City of Homekey will suffer a massive attack by air. Fulfilled
WB2014 Digdoug - Episode 22 The Magnificent Carniac The fallen King Posbrake's ring will belong to a ruler once again. Unfinished
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