Mary Sagittari

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Mary Sagittari
Race: Men
Tribe: Jetstone
Faction: Jetstone
Class: Infantry, Archer

[edit] Proposed Canon

First Appearance: LIAB Text 55

Mary Sagittari is an archer popped as garrison unit in Spacerock around seventeen hundred turns before Siege of Spacerock. She was popped as part of a stack of eight archers bearing the Sagittari CXIV stack name. Her sisters and brothers were called Carrie, Terry, Jerry, Perry, Harry, Gary, and Rudolfo.LIAB_Text_55

Her stack was tasked with guarding a section of the outer walls. They received no combat training and saw no action until Gobwin Knob forces led by Wanda Firebaugh invaded the airspace of Spacerock.

[edit] Speculation

Mary stands out from her stack somewhat with her hair color - dark with a few strands of white. Some believe it may be a sign that she is destined for something greater than simply being cannon fodder.

Mary was very impressed with Countess Artemis, an archery-capable warlord, who gave them battle orders once the battle for Spacerock began. Perhaps, Mary's aspiration to become a person like Artemis will come true?

[edit] Real World References

"Sagittarius" means "archer" ("armed with arrows and bow") in Latin. "Sagittarii" is plural for "sagittarius". "Sagittari CXIV" may refer to Roman army where units were numbered in a similar fashion.

Her name and the names of her brothers and sisters - Mary, Carrie, Terry, Jerry, Perry, Harry, Gary, and Rudolfo - may refer to reindeer drawing Santa's sleigh (particularly, Rudolf - a reindeer with a shiny nose).

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