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[edit] Proposed Canon

"Destroy her."

First Appearance: First Intermission 43

Bea was Queen of Unaroyal during and after the Battle for Gobwin Knob. She committed suicide by walking through a portal to the Magic Kingdom, ending her side and disbanding all her field units, which she had sent out of her capital, thus denying them to Gobwin Knob's forces. She also ordered her Chief Warlord, K.C., to destroy her daughter, the Decrypted Princess Cruz, though K.C. and his stack would be decrypted after succeeding.

[edit] Speculation

LIAB 55.jpg

It may be her image that is seen in the background of LIAB 55:13, above Don King's desk, since she is described as wearing orange and red, and writes that she has Don King's picture above her desk.

Cruz may have been Heir to the throne of Unaroyal. With her gone, there was no hope of reviving Unaroyal at a later time.

[edit] Real World References

"Queen Bea" is a homonym of "Queen Bee," a reference to the insect with associated cultural connotations. Queen Bea also can refer to the Dutch queen Beatrix who is often referred to as Bea.

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