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Various Quotes of Parson Gotti


[edit] Proposed Canon

[edit] Parson's World

"Gentlemen. Ashna. Let's do the thing." Erf-b1-p015Same-site.PNG
"You are about to command armies in a desperate final struggle for survival... between all that is noble and decent...and all that is vile and unholy, not to mention unspeakable." Erf-b1-p015Same-site.PNG
"Whaddya want a soliloquy? You know why. Because my life sucks! My car is a rolling bomb. My job feels like an endless training film. Nobody reads my webcomic. This place is a hole. A condemned hole. For squatter hobbits. And to be honest, I don't actually find any of that stuff interesting enough to change. So... I game." Erf-b1-p016Same-site.PNG

[edit] ErfWorld

[edit] Chief Warlord

[edit] LordHamster

"What the boop do you
Okay, you have to subvocalize. Oh, that is cool." Erf-b1-p033Same-site.PNG

[edit] Parson's Klog

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