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[edit] Canon

[edit] Proposed Canon

Some units have abilities that can achieve unconventional results, and can be used when not on Turn.Erf-b1-p46aSame-site.PNG These abilities are named Natural Abilities.

The information behind knowledge based specials, such as seafarer, can be taught to other units, but this will not enable them to acquire the relevant stats.

When viewed by Parson 3D Glasses, these abilities under the four basic statistics under the heading Special.

[edit] List of Specials

Ability Description Units
FlightErf-b1-p040aSame-site.PNG Flying units can Move through the air without falling. Dwagons, Vampires, Archons, Hippo-crates
Water-capable Water units can Move through the water without drowning.Erf-b1-p060Same-site.PNG Seafarers
Forest-capableErf-b1-p062Same-site.PNG Forest units can move through and attack flying units in forests. Erf-b1-p046aSame-site.PNG Gumps, Woodsy Elves, Rangers
Mountain-capableFirst Intermission 49 Mountain units can move through and attack in mountains. Giants
Dance-FightingErf-b1-p127Same-site.PNG Dance fighting units sing and dance while fighting.Erf-b1-p111Same-site.PNG

Units that are Dance Fighting gain a bonus, a multiplier, while in combat.Erf-b1-p125Same-site.PNG Units without Dance Fighting can be led through MagicErf-b1-p128Same-site.PNG or innate abilityErf-b1-p127Same-site.PNG of the leader.

Digging The ability to dig through earth and city walls. Diggers, Marbits, Gobwins
FabricationErf-b1-p040aSame-site.PNG Allows a Unit to create Coins and other items, is a form of natural Dollamancy. Twolls
LeadershipErf-b1-p040aSame-site.PNG A Unit with Leadership: Warlords, Archons
CasterErf-b1-p084aSame-site.PNG A Caster: Casters
Seafarer [1] Provides their full move to the ship move if they are part of the crew. Units without this special only provide one move and add to the attack power of a ship's Shockmancy beam weapons.[2] Seafarer, Warlords
Heir An heir will become ruler of a side immediately upon the ruler croaking or abdicating. If the new ruler's side owns at least one city, then the side continues as before. If it has no uncontested cities of its own, then the side falls and the new ruler becomes a barbarian. Heir
Fire[3] image name not found Please Add to Template Erf-b2-pKlog5]Same-site.PNG Can create a controlled Fire. Red dwagon
Fire Resistance[4] image name not found Please Add to Template Erf-b2-pKlog5]Same-site.PNG Immunity to Fire. Red dwagon

Parson has mentioned Poison and Regeneration has possible natural abilities.Erf-b1-p040aSame-site.PNG Archons are said to have some form of limited Foolamancy, Thinkamancy, Shockamancy and Dollamancy.

[edit] Speculation

Ability Description Units
HealingErf-b1-p022Same-site.PNG Unit can heal wounded allied Units. Altruist Elves, Lofty Elves
Breath Weapon Allows the Unit to use a short/medium range "breath" attack before or instead of melee. Dwagons
Remote Visual Link Unit's Commander is able to see through the Unit's eyes from afar. Doombats
Capture Allows the unit to capture and imprison units using it's body. Tannenbaum, Gwiffon
Farming Allows the unit to Capture other units. Farmer
Tunnel-capable A Heavy Unit capable of entering tunnels. Spidew, Sourmander
Tunnel Fighter Provides a bonus at fighting in tunnels (These could be the same Ability, applied to Heavy and Light Units respectively. Gobwin, Marbit
ArmoredErf-b1-p077Same-site.PNG Probably increases the Unit's Defence. Armor may also be Equipment instead of an ability. Plated Dwagons
Poison Since all poison, both magical and mundane, are Flower Power, units with the Poison rule may possess Natural Flower Power. Poisons may have different kinds of damaging effects, such as instant kills or draining hits over time even when not in combat. Spidew
HeavyErf-b1-p077aSame-site.PNG Heavy units are stronger than normal units, but may not ride mounts, and have restricted access to tunnels depending on the base unit type. Twolls, Giants
Light Light units can enter tunnels.Erf-b1-p098aSame-site.PNG This may simply include non-heavy units (rather than a special ability).
SiegeErf-b1-p046aSame-site.PNG The ability to breach walls.Erf-b1-p126Same-site.PNG
Mount Can be ridden by humanoid units. Dwagons, Sourmanders, High Horse

[edit] Fanon

Ability Description Units
Mimic Allows the unit to Copy another's special. Copycat
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