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Maggie corrects Parson by saying Wanda used a "suggestion" spell and not a "mind-control" spell, stating "there is a difference."

This could indicate that no mind control spells exist, or merely that Wanda did not use (or have access to) such a spell, that probably being the domain of higher-level Thinkamancers.

Further discussion of magic indicates that a true mind-control spell is unlikely to exist.Commander I. Heartly Noah

[edit] Element and Axis

Thinkamancy is Eyemancy, which is the magic of Life and Motion. Thinkamancy is aligned to the axis of Fate, thus it allows you to influence a Life (unit) and its Fate, but not physically. Commander I. Heartly Noah June 3 2009

[edit] Thinkamancers

I think the Thinkamancer in the Magic Kingdom looks as much like Noam Chomsky as Carl Sagan. Angelbob

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