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[edit] Fanon

It probably doesn't even count as that, more a (proposed) wiki convention. (Though maybe when Stanley is emperor of all Erfworld, he will perhaps decide that that battle was the turning point.)

[edit] After Warchalking

AW stands for "(turns) After Warchalking".

The turn numbering for Descriptive Table of Contents for TBFGK is relative to the first pages of the comic, during which the {first} battle of Warchalking happened. Thus 1 AW is the turn that the battle happened on.

It is a riff on the AD dating system, (Anno Domini).

[edit] Before Warchalking

As a corollary to AW, BW stand for "(turns) Before Warchalking". This referent would only refer to events that happened before the beginning of the comic. Since there is no Turn 0, 1 BW is the turn before the battle of Warchalking.

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