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This is an attempt to figure out how old people are; it's a work in progress, please be patient.


[edit] Concrete Dates

  • Parson Gotti – Born December 7, 1982 (25 years at the launch of the comic) Erf-b1-p037aSame-site.PNG
    With 6 leap years, and a day being equal to a turn, Parson would be (365 * 25) + 6 or 9131 turns at the start of The Battle for Gobwin Knob.
  • Artemis – 1854 as of Love Is a Battlefield Erf-b2-pT50Same-site.PNG

[edit] Approximate Dates

[edit] In Relation to Love is a Battlefield

  • King Slately – Roughly 3000 turns Erf-b2-pT33Same-site.PNG
  • Don King – At least 415 turns Erf-b2-pT5Same-site.PNG
    • Don was popped, became King at 15 turns, took a tour of Transylvito of unknown duration, and hasn't left the capital in over 400 turns.
  • Mary Sagittari – About 1700 turns Erf-b2-pT55Same-site.PNG
  • Prince Tramennis – Over 1700 turns Erf-b2-pT55Same-site.PNG.
    • He was there to approve the proposed popping of Mary, after all.
  • Ansom – At least 476 turns Erf-b2-pT50Same-site.PNG.
    • Being only Level 2 in the flashback, it's likely he isn't much older.
  • Fud – Less than 66 turns. Erf-b2-pT4Same-site.PNG
    • Vurp was the last living Hobgobwin after TBFGK; all other Hobs were popped in the 66 turns since then.
  • Zhopa – Between 63 and 66 turnsErf-b1.5-p23Same-site.PNG
    • He's been around since at least the 3rd turn after TBFGK
  • Jillian Zamussels – At least 700 turnsErf-b2-pT6Same-site.PNG
    • It is unclear from "In her days of swinging steel for Shmuckers" if she was a mercenary for Faq or a barbarian. If she was a barbarian, then Jillian is at least 900 turns (700 turns of barbarian + 200 turns since being called Princess + however many turns between IPTSF and the Fall of Faq and however many turns when she was called Princess)
  • Prince Sammy Haggar – At least 200 turnsErf-b2-pT7Same-site.PNG
    • "[Sammy] gained more respect for old Dickie than he'd had in hundreds of turns."

[edit] In Relation to Events

  • Jillian Zamussels – Over 200 turns when WRECD was formed IPTSF Text 27
    • It is unknown how long Jillian allowed people to call her Princess before that.
    • It is unknown how many turns have passed since then.
  • Vinny Doombats – Over 200 turns before he visited Transylvito for the first timeErf-b1.5-p17Same-site.PNG
    • It is unknown how many turns have passed since then.
  • Stanley – At least 200 turns between the fall of Faq and LIABErf-b2-pT27Same-site.PNG
    • Stanley kept the location of Faq a secret for "hundreds of turns"; this could be anywhere from 200 to 1999 turns.
    • It is unknown how many turns Stanley had before Faq.

[edit] Ages Relative to Other Characters

[edit] Jetstone Royal Family

This is based on the assumption that the names in LIAB Text 33 are in chronological order. The only definite numbers are 1, 2, 3 and 16 out of 23.

I'm assuming Ansom is older than Ossomer, since Ansom handed the 'pliers to him in LIAB Text 29

  • 1. Victor
  • 2. ???
  • 3. Lustrius
  • Titas
  • Forthewin
  • Wonderloaf

—9 more—

  • 16. Tramennis
  • ???
  • Ansom
  • ???
  • Ossomer
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