Battle of the Expository Bridge

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Wars of Stanley the Tool
Stanley's Historic Battles, The Gobwin Knob Campaign, Destruction of Unaroyal, Assault on Jetstone

Assault on Jetstone
Battle of the Expository Bridge, Siege of Spacerock

Previous battle: Battle of Chocula
Concurrent battle: None
Next battle: None
The Battle of the Expository Bridge
Conflict: Wars of Stanley the Tool, Assault on Jetstone
Date: 66 turns after the Battle for Gobwin Knob, 75 AW
Place: Expository Bridge
Outcome: Unknown

Gobwin Knob

Jetstone, Transylvito


Queen of FAQ

  • 3 FAQ Warlords (probably low level)


  • A few bats (probably a stack full)

  • 1 Archon presumed destroyed
  • Possibly Others

Prince Ossomer, croaked and decrypted


After the Destruction_of_Unaroyal the Battle of the Expository Bridge (75 AW) is a the next part of the campaign of Stanley the Tool in his attempt to quest of the Arkentools. Stanley has sent his forces towards Jetstone. Jetstones capital Spacerock has been exposed by the new border with Gobwin Knob after Unaroyal was destroyed, making it his next logical target given the history with Jetstone and the RCC. However Jetsone seemed well prepared for the coming battle, massing its forces at the nearest choke-point, a bridge Stanelys forces must cross to reach Spacerock Expository Bridge.

Jetstone Preparation:

The Jetstone king has allowed the use of some of his precious casters in the battle. FAQ has allied itself with Jetstone and the RCC and placed a small armada of air forces (3 Warlords, 26 Gwiffons, 6 Megalogwiffs and a Turnamancer) in Spacerock (Garrison) to compliment the forces of Jetstone.

Speculation: This battle setup already seems somewhat like the one depicted in Saving Private Ryan were a large force is almost stopped from taking a choke-point bridge by a small band of men and at the last critical moment the airforces came in and saved the day, this may or may mot be FAQ's intention. Although FAQ has currently no role in the battle its quite likely that they will.

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