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(Known Carnymancers)
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==Known Carnymancers==
==Known Carnymancers==
[[Jeftichew]], formerly in service to [[Unaroyal]], now residing in the [[Magic Kingdom]].
[[Jeftichew]], formerly in service to [[Unaroyal]], now residing in the [[Magic Kingdom]]. (see: [[First_Intermission_43]]

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Stagemancy Hat Magic Carnymancy Rhyme-o-mancy

Proposed Canon


Carnymancy is one of the three disciplines of the Magic class Stagemancy; it is aligned with the axis of Fate.Erf-b1-p038aSame-site.PNG


  • As of yet Unknown.

Known Carnymancers

Jeftichew, formerly in service to Unaroyal, now residing in the Magic Kingdom. (see: First_Intermission_43


  • Possibly the Fate magic behind the Arkenhammer.
  • May reduce enemy abilities, similar to how carnival games are 'fixed' to be disproportionately difficult.
  • May have minor abilities of other schools, which would explain why the Arkenhammer has so many different and wild abilities.
  • May involve taming of wild units, which would correspond to the Arkenhammer, like in a circus carnival.
  • May involve mesmerizing the enemy with flashy production values, if Carnymancy was the extra element in the Vanna "Wheel of Fortune" linked Turnamancy spell. Links to Foolamancy?
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