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Proposed Canon

A Caster link is made when two or three Casters are joined physically (via holding hands or by a chain, for instance) and mentally through a Thinkamancer in order to create a whole greater than the sum of its parts. The linked Casters can perform Spells far more powerful and complex than any single Caster could consider possible. Casters united in this way are said to be linked.

A Thinkamancer joins with one or two other Casters to create a combined consciousness. The process of creating the link can be aided by each Caster recalling how it felt when it first cast a Spell of its Discipline, which is described as warm, comforting, and familiar.Erf-b1-p135Same-site.PNG The casters then lose their individuality and revert to representing only their Discipline. It is still possible for a Caster to remember its former existenceErf-b1-p046Same-site.PNG, but using this knowledge strains and might break the link.Erf-b1-p054Same-site.PNG The link is fragile, and can be broken by merely calling one of the Casters by its name, so the linked Casters are referred to by their Disciplines instead (ie. Thinkamancer, Dirtamancer, Lookamancer, etc.).

Breaking the link can result in damage to the minds of the Casters, but this is similar to the backlash of other Thinkamancy Spells, so a good Thinkamancer can protect herself (or himself) from the damage by forcing the other Casters to bear the brunt.Erf-b1-p084Same-site.PNG. This can lead to insanity of the other Casters and in an extreme case, death. Erf-b1-p077Same-site.PNG

Known Links


Casters involved



Casters involved



Casters involved


  • Upgrading a City with better results than by a Dirtamancer alone.[1]

Thinkamancer/Hat Magician/Date-a-mancer

Casters involved

  • unknown



To discuss the power of speculative link-ups, please visit Speculative Link-ups.

Implied link-up:LIAB Text 14


Casters involved

  • Unknown thinkamancer, most likely Charlie
  • Vanna
  • Possible third caster. Bowie? He's a Changemancer and they did change whose turn it is. Also, he's in the magic kingdom where he may have told Janis of the planned link up. This link may have been what Janis meant by "other things" when she said "And this battle will be a turning point. I have some Predictamancy on it, among other things. There will be disarray."


  • Unknown. Appears to be the first ranged link-up - i.e. it doesn't require physical contact between casters - most likely due to the power of the Arkendish.
  • Possibly forcing a side to end their turn early.

Probability: Low. There is no particular evidence that an additional caster would be needed to end Gobwin Knob's turn, and there is no visible link to another caster, even if a ranged link is possible. On the other hand, the male voice requesting that no one speak to Vanna and not revealing her name does indicate an abnormal situation of some kind.


Some sides combine Mathamancy and LuckamancyErf-b1-p054Same-site.PNG. Sizemore explicitly compares the power of the combination to that of the Eyemancer link-up, which inspires some people to believe this a link-up with a Thinkamancer.

Sizemore specifically states "You pair your Mathamancers with some Luckamancers." Both the term pair and the plurals of Mathamancers and Luckamancers (since a 4 caster link is impossible) suggest against a trimancer link.


  • Targeted Luck: The Mathamancer determines the most important battles and the Luckamancer tilts them in his side's favour.
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