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=Proposed Canon=
Combat (also referred to as Attack) is a [[Unit]] statistic.
==Known Values==
*33 - Decrypted [[Prince Ansom]], with sword, possible bonus of 8 from [[Wanda Firebaugh]]
*6+ - the [[unit]]s in the GK Strike Force ([[Archon]]s, [[Dwagon]]s, [[Tchotchke]]s, [[Sourmander]]s, decrypted [[Commander]]s, [[Weiner-Rammers]], [[Heavy Unit]]s, and [[Knight]]s)
*5 - [[Bogroll]]
*2 - [[Jack Snipe]]

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Proposed Canon

Combat (also referred to as Attack) is a Unit statistic.

Known Values


It probably determines how efficient a unit is in hitting enemy units.

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