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Proposed Canon

el-Efbaum was an Erfworld Side led by The Wizard. It was once the most powerful Side on Erf. Its capital was a level 5 city of Emerald Green. The Side warred with two Sides of a green skinned tribe of men, Easteros and Westeregg, allying with Haffaton to defeat them. Pooling Haffaton's Thinkamancer and Predictamancer with el-Efbaum's Lookamancer and Findamancer, they were able to create a Summon Perfect Warlord Spell to summon Judy Gale, who made short work of both enemy sides. el-Efbaum was subsequently destroyed by Haffaton, thanks in part to the betrayal of Charlie's own daughter, Olive Branch.

Former Inhabitants



Efbaum, Level 5, Capital Site

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