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Proposed Canon

Eyebooks are magic items created by the Eyemancer caster link-up in Gobwin Knob.
Being a magic item they continue to function even after the Eyemancer link-up was broken.



  • Communication between Eyebook holders
  • Store information like a Journal or Klog


  • Can be resized to match the size of the user
  • Can be modded by the user
    • Different username
    • Different alert sounds. (These might be references to Monkey Combat)
  • Does not need to be written in; the user need only subvocalize to use it.


Eyebook is a homophone to iBook making it a reference to a line of Apple products such as the iPod, iPhone, and of course the iBook.


Charlie, who holds the Arkendish, is able to communicate through it directly to ParsonErf-b1-p100Same-site.PNG. This may be through the Arkendish's ability to increase Thinkamancy skills.

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