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[edit] Proposed Canon

Firebirds are bird flying units, like orlies and thunderbirds. They are capable of attacking with the fire special.

[edit] Known Users


[edit] Real World References

Firebird was an automobile released by Pontiac between 1967 and 2002.

It was also the original name of Mozilla FireFox web-browser, the twin of the ThunderBird e-mail and news client.

The Firebird appears in real world Russian folk tales where it is often the object of a difficult quest, fitting in with Ceasar Borgata's difficult quest to take back the city of Chocula from Carpool. The same mythical bird is also the subject of a Stravinsky ballet.

Being 'birds' they fit the theme of Transylvito units being slang terms for women (along with Goyles, Dolls, and Molls.)

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