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Race: Hobgobwin
Faction: Gobwin Knob
Class: Unknown
Level: 3+
Special: Heavy

Proposed Canon

First Appearance: LIAB Text 39

Fud is a hobgobwin in the service of Gobwin Knob.

At the Siege of Spacerock, Fud is one of the hobgobwins mounted on dwagons in Wanda Firebaugh's air force. In the course of this battle, he is promoted to the status of heavy as part of an unorthodox tactic.

Once grounded, he engaged in combat with a number of Jetstone units, including a warlord, and leveled twice.

Fud does not speak languageLIAB Text 39, but like mounts is able to understand intent.


FUD is an acronym for "Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt". Perhaps this is why Fud is a hobgobwin.

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