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[edit] Canon

According to the Word of the Titans, "Headmaster" is a title that indicates multiple mastery within Eyemancy.

[edit] Known Headmasters

[edit] Speculation

We know that Isaac has mastered Thinkamancy and Lookamancy and is an Adept of Foolamancy, but Roger Victor Clarence is also referred to as a Headmaster, and is only a Master of Thinkamancy, an Adept of Foolamancy, and a Novice of Lookamancy. This would seem to imply that "Headmaster" is a title that refers to mastery of one Eyemancy discipline, combined with some expertise in the use of the other two disciplines. Perhaps, if Novice is "worth" one level, Adept is "worth" two levels and Master is "worth" three levels, then a Master level Thinkamancer needs at least three levels of expertise (the "equivalent" of being a Master) in Foolamancy and/or Lookamancy to be considered a Headmaster.

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