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Tramennis always had all the brains in the family.

[edit] Proposed Canon

Heir Designate is an Heir that was promoted to that status as opposed to having been popped as an Heir.Erf-b1-p079Same-site.PNG, Erf-b1-p082Same-site.PNG

Promotion to Heir Designate rarely occurs and is very expensive.Erf-b1-p079Same-site.PNG It cost roughly 165,000 Schmuckers to name Prince Tramennis Heir Designate (5K for each of the 28 Archons=140K + 25K bonus for capturing one, assuming Gobwin Knob had not lost or gained any Archons in between the Battle for Gobwin Knob and the Battle of Expository Bridge.)

[edit] Known Heir Designates

[edit] Speculation

Since we have yet to see any unit named Heir Designate without already being a Warlord or Caster, it may be that only Warlords and Casters can be named Heir Designate.

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