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While Judy Gale has been comfirmed as not being an Erfworld native, very little is known about the world from where she came. She might be from the Real World, Stupidworld, or even some other, as yet unidentified, world. This is an attempt to codify what is known about Judy's World.

Proposed Canon

The world "Kill" is used in place of the word "Croak" and means essentially the same thing.

A "Year" is a term used to measure a 365 day/turn cycle. This may be exactly 365 days or (like the Real World) a 365 day and change period that is referred to as 365 days for convienvence purposes and results in a Leap Year.

A place called "Kansas" exists, which implies the existance of the United States of America or a very similar equivelent thereof. It is flat, windy and smells like pig boop. It contains rural areas, implying the existance of other areas, such as urban sites.

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