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Turn Number:75
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

Still bathed in white, with rainbow colors reflecting in his armor, Tramennis cocks an eyebrow at the new image; a white two dimensional design, consisting of a circular, sectioned map with two white continents, flanked by stylized olive branches, with a central word facing toward Tramennis; we see it in reverse, W-O-B-N-I-A, in colors purple, blue, indigo, green, yellow, and orange.[1]


Prince Tramennis: Furthermore, I hear you've been doing so free of charge.

Perhaps even at your own expense?

Charlie: Well now that's simply slander.

[edit] Notes

  1. ^  This is a reference to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six franchise. It is the emblem of Rainbow, a fictional international counter-terrorist force.[2]
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