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[[Category:Frame Annotation/LIAB|048:8]]
[[Category:Frame Annotation/LIAB|048:8]]

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Turn Number:75
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

Crackling bolts of magic radiate from the tower of Jenga and hit the frontmost stack of Yellow Dwagons, some are being croaked and beginning to fall. The back stacks of other colored dwagons are unharmed. The city of Spacerock can be seen below and the horizon in the background. A mass of Jetstone Archers can be seen in the tower.


Prince Tramennis: Right. Look, with holes in the roof, we would be risking friendly casualties with arrows. At least until the Court area is evacuated...

King Slately: No, I meant why only yellows!

Why not the witch and the rest?

Prince Tramennis: Oh.

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