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Duke Lacrosse
Race: Men
Faction: Jetstone
Class: warlord

Proposed Canon

"You get all that kind of luck, don't you?"

First Appearance: LIAB Text 36

Duke Lacrosse is a Noble Jetstone Warlord.

He was leading a unit of pikers in the atrium, but was apart from his unit when it was attacked.

Duke Antium is his superior in military rank but they are of equal station before the court.

Antium greatly dislikes Lacrosse. He compares his appearance to a small burrowing animal.

He was croaked by Adam Antium in LIAB 55


Real World References

Duke Lacrosse's name is a reference to the 2006 Duke Men's Lacrosse team, three of whom were falsely accused and indicted on charges of rape and associated charges. Duke University suspended the entire team for the duration of the season and forced the coach to resign. One year later all charges were dropped.

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