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[[King Saline IV]] <br>
[[King Saline IV]] <br>
[[Sizemore Rockwell]] <br>
[[Sizemore Rockwell]] <br>
[[Lord Stanley the Tool|Stanley the Tool]] <br>
[[Stanley the Tool]] <br>
[[Ensign Toast]], Uncoraked <br>
[[Ensign Toast]], Uncoraked <br>
[[Wanda Firebaugh]] <br>
[[Wanda Firebaugh]] <br>
[[Sir Webinar]], Uncroaked <br>
[[Sir Webinar]], Uncroaked <br>

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Erfworld "Men" resemble real-world humans, except for their smaller size and the ways in which Erfworld mechanics create difference between Erfworld situations and corresponding real-world ones.



Erfworld "Men" appear to be about half the size of real-world humans (judging from the size of Parson Gotti, who is about twice the height of Wanda Firebaugh).

The name "Men" is generic; they appear in both sexes, despite the fact that new units in Erfworld are created by cities and appear as newly-minted adults.

Stated in Parson Gotti's Klog, Men are the only units which have Cities, Royals, or Nobles.

Men Characters

Prince Ansom
King Banhammer
Dora, Uncroaked
Archduke Ferdinand, Uncroaked
Sir Leeroy Jenkins, Uncroaked
Jillian Zamussels
Lord Manpower the Temporary, Uncroaked
Lady Phat-Singh, Uncroaked
King Slately
King Saline IV
Sizemore Rockwell
Stanley the Tool
Ensign Toast, Uncoraked
Wanda Firebaugh
Sir Webinar, Uncroaked

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