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One of the three elements of [[magic]] along with [[Life]] and [[Matter]].
One of the three [[Elements]] of [[magic]] along with [[Life]] and [[Matter]].
It is the sole element of [[Spookism]], and also influences [[Eyemancy]], [[Naughtymancy]], and [[Stagemancy]].
It is the sole element of [[Spookism]], and also influences [[Eyemancy]], [[Naughtymancy]], and [[Stagemancy]].

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One of the three Elements of magic along with Life and Matter.

It is the sole element of Spookism, and also influences Eyemancy, Naughtymancy, and Stagemancy.


Motion may refer to change, as Turnamancy changes turn order, unit production rate, and side loyalty; while Dollamancy changes Loyalty (through raiments), creates items that change stats, and changes inanimate materials into living units. Similarly, Foolamancy changes perceived unit information, Thinkamancy changes unit loyalty and knowledge, Lookamancy changes knowledge of hex location, Shockamancy changes unit health, Croakamancy changes croaked units back into live ones, and Retconjuration changes the rules themselves. However Changemancy not being in this element poses a problem, unless it only changes matter into other matter.

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