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* [[Witches]] ([[Dagwood]])
* [[Witches]] ([[Dagwood]])
* [[Daemons]]
* [[Daemons]]
* [[Western Giants]] (formerly [[Jitterati]], now [[Faq]])
==Racial Hatred==
==Racial Hatred==

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Proposed Canon

Natural allies (or non-capital sides) are sides in Erfworld that have no capital, no cities and no royals.Erf-b1-p079aSame-site.PNG They do, however, have their own treasuries and can form long semi-permanent alliances, or they can sustain themselves via mining, farming, hunting, and such. Rather than using cities, they can pop more units for their side via Moneymancy WoT-6051503.

Known natural allies sides:

Racial Hatred

Some allies do not ally with a side at the same time as other allies; though it is unspecified if this means that they are unwilling to do so, or if they incapable of doing so.

For instance; Elves and Marbits will not ally with a side that has Gobwin, Hobgobwin, Witch, or Daemon allies.

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