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Proposed Canon

Since there is no pregnancy and there are no babies in Erfworld, and heirs are popped, the practical purpose of nookie on Erfworld is unclear, though it seems to be otherwise similar to that of our world. According to Parson's discussion with Maggie, it would seem that the technical act and, erm, "Tools" involved are much the same.

Known Nookie Combinations

Jillian Zamussels and Prince Ansom Jillian Zamussels and Vinny Doombats


Speculated Nookie Combinations

Jillian Zamussels and Wanda Firebaugh Wanda Firebaugh and Stanley the Tool Vinny Doombats and Jaclyn, two other Archons Archons and unknown clients

Possible Nookie Combinations

Archons and Charlie Queen Bea and Don King Jillian Zamussels and Jack Snipe Caesar Borgata and Bunny

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