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Jimi Petulla - The Reversal

The Reversal is a film composed and produced by Jimi Petulla, which revolves around the story of a young wrestler and his relationship with his dad. Petulla drew on his very own experiences as a highschool wrestler and created a genuine, gritty, and truthful film set in a little Pennsylvania town.

As a former championship wrestler himself, this was the evident selection for Petulla's first writing project. The outcome is a straightforward and gritty depiction of the life of a young senior high wrestler who is pushed hard by his ex-coach dad to make something of himself so he doesn't need to agree to the paycheck to paycheck small town life that he has. The young wrestler might need to quit his accustomed life outside the gym by regularly training, restrained diet, staying clear of vices, and sparing relationships. The film discovers the relationship between a son and his incredibly pushy but well meaning dad.

In spite of being his first writing venture, Jimi Petulla is currently keen in the entertainment business. He got his beginning as a radio DJ where he worked with 7 years. It was fascination with Elvis Presley and the Memphis Mafia that propelled him to develop a set called All the King's Men.

Though a talented filmmaker, Petulla's passion now lies in assisting aspiring young filmmakers link with qualified coaches in the film, radio, or recording business as a way of on-the-job training to effectively prepare them for a profession in the entertainment sector. The idea pertained to him when he was working as a broadcasting coach at Columbia School of Broadcasting, which ceased to operate, as he saw that the school had not been offering enough for the advantage of the pupils. Not long after, Petulla's Entertainment Career Connection was born.

The Reversal might never ever work out as planned without Jimi's knowledge which he acquired single-handedly from his coaches and director Alan Vint; the exact same circumstance which puts on jobs that will just be helpful without the correct training. At the Film Connection, Recording Connection, and Broadcasting Connection, every pupil is trained in an efficient and intense one-on-one atmosphere under their very own personal mentor. Instead of paying attention to lectures inside a classroom and simulation studios, each pupil gains expertise by getting experience from a coach in a qualified studio.

Unlike common trade schools, the objective of Jimi Petulla's Entertainment Career Connection is to prepare and position pupils in jobs. After the student graduates, he obtains a whole entire year of job assistance as part of their tuition. This is why ECC has actually positioned even more graduates into jobs than any sort of additional trade school.

Jimi Petulla

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