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*[[Don King]] (current King)
*[[Don King]] (current King)
*heir: unknown, probably [[Ceasar Borgota]]
*heir: unknown, probably [[Ceasar Borgota]], but possibly [[Vinny]] as it was mentioned he was a [http://www.giantitp.com/comics/erf0062.html Count].

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An Overlord is the leader of a side in Erfworld. An Overlord with royal ancestry is called a King.

The Overlord has absolute power of his subjects. He literally can end them with a thought. All subjects are forced to serve his will due to natural thinkamancy. The Overlord decides what his cities produce, can promote units to warlords and designate heirs. The Overlord chooses the Chief Warlord.


Known Overlords and their heirs


  • Charlie (current Overlord)
  • heir: unknown, if any

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