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Dwagon Pink SpecialAttack.png

A type of Dwagon.

They, along with yellow and purple, are described as one of the weaker varieties of dwagon[1][2].


Its breath weapon resembles a bubble of pink bubble gum and, presumably, causes the target to suffocate.[3][4][5] There is some evidence that suffocation isn't the only effect the breath weapon has[6] (note the Woodsy Elf that has apparently croaked from a hit to the stomach).

Pink dwagons may have lower move than some other varieties of dwagon as they were not used for the initial attack on the seige (in which all dwagons had 56+ move)[7], but were described as being strong examples[8] (presumably high level) of their sub-type. This is not conclusive as the placement of high-level, weak-seeming dwagons at the back of the ring formation may have been a ruse by Parson.

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