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... and raise my salary while I'm at it.

Units may be promoted. A promotion is a rise in rank conferred by a higher authority on a Unit of a lower rank.

Rulers can promote an Infantry unit to Warlord, a Warlord to Chief Warlord, a Caster to Chief Caster, and a Courtier to Chief of Staff. It is also possible to promote a unit without actually changing its rank, such as how Parson was able to promote himself from garrison to a field unit, and hobgobwins to heavies. The limitations are currently unknown of what classes can and cannot be changed by promotions.

Some Royal sides, such as Jetstone and Delkey, frown on this tactic, due to believing that a unit's full potential is available and decided when they pop. From their perspective, a stabber or archer may be good for fighting since that is what they were popped for, but would never learn to make good strategists.

[edit] Speculation

From lowest to highest, the ranks are:

A Unit may be promoted from any lower rank to any higher rank. It is not possible to be promoted above Chief Warlord, since the only position higher is Ruler, and that position requires a vacancy, in which case other rules concerning a Heir and barbarism are involved.

This applies only to a direct military line of promotion. Noble titles, such as Duke or Count, are permanent and altogether separate from military rank. Likewise, a unit cannot be promoted to Caster, nor can a Caster become Chief Warlord.

A barbarian Warlord may claim a City and thereby become a Ruler, but this is not a promotion, because the Warlord is responsible for his or her own rise in rank, and the position is not granted by a higher authority.

Additional ranks may be limited to garrison units only. For example:

See Unit for more details.

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