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[edit] Canon

The Rand is a unit of currency used in the Magic Kingdom. It is not a physical coin or treasure, but a barter credit. Casters in the Magic Kingdom can offer their services or created scrolls to other casters in exchange for Shmuckers, but more often it is done for Rands.

[edit] Proposed Canon

Rands are only used between casters.

Rands were developed as a way to limit the power of Moneymancers in the Magic Kingdom; by existing outside their sphere of influence, Moneymancers can't alter the market of Rands in their own favor.

[edit] Value

List of values in Rands used in the comic:

  • Sizemore promised Janis 8 Rands for teaching him Hippiemancy, and gave her twenty. The twenty seemed to be intended as an especially generous gift, because he didn't expect to survive.Erf-b1-p011Same-site.PNG
  • Janis promised any Master-class Thinkamancers 50 Rands each for unraveling the Maggie-Wanda-Sizemore. Thinkmancers did unravel the link but declined the reward. Erf-b1-p140Same-site.PNG

[edit] Speculation

[edit] Real-World References

  • Possible reference to Ayn Rand. If so, this might be a sign that the Magic Kingdom operates under meritocratic principles.
  • May also be a reference to the real-world currency of South Africa of the same name (though the pluralisation is different).
  • Could also be tied into a Janice Rand[1] (from Star Trek) reference, since the first use of the currency was when Sizemore paid Janis for hippiemancy lessons.
  • May be a reference to Rand Holmes[2], an underground comic book artist who lived on Lasqueti Island (notable as a counterculture enclave) and who designed a cannabis-themed currency[3] ($10 Canadian) for the island.
  • May be a reference to James Randi, who famously debunks the existence of magic-types and offers prize money to anyone who can demonstrate supernatural ability under testing conditions, thereby literally paying for magic.
  • May also be a reference to the leading character of Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series, Rand[4]al'Thor.
  • May be random, pun intended.
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