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[edit] Proposed Canon

Sansabelt is a city belonging to Haggar. It is a sea port with a large lighthouse.

[edit] Siege

The city was besieged by Jetstone forces under Prince Ossomer after the recapture of Pantstown and the capture of Toughskin and Oshkosh after Haggar took Pantstown from Jetstone.

[edit] Real World References

Sansabelt is a clothing company that specializes in pants (North American usage, not UK), trousers and slacks.

"Sans a belt" also means "without a belt", and "pants" can also be a verb meaning "to suddenly pull down someone's pants by surprise." The two things together may refer to Prince Ossomer sneak-attacking Haggar suddenly ("pantsing" them, perhaps), and indicating the city's vulnerability ("sans a belt", vulnerable to pantsing).

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