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Fear the flowery-skull pirates! Yarr!


[edit] Proposed Canon

Ships are Water-capable Vehicles that can carry Units across water hexes.

[edit] Stats

Most Ships are useless without crews with the Seafarer special,IPTSF Text 44 the exceptions being self-powered paddleboats created by Turnamancy.IPTSF Text 44

Ships have levels. They can reach at least level four.LIAB Text 18

A ship's move is calculated by adding the full move of all seafarer units designated as crew, adding 1 move per each non-seafarer unit designated as crew, and dividing that total by some number determined by the condition and design of the ship.

Ships attack with Beam weapons, whose strength is calculated in a similar manner as its move.

[edit] Popping

Ships are popped in coastal cities like units or siege. Ships may pop in the wild as pirate ships.WB2014 Duke Forecastle - Part 1

[edit] Class

There are different classes of ship, including: Corvettes, Frigates, and Galleons. Especially large or powerful ships are often the Flagship of a fleet.

[edit] Speculation

There may be different types of ships, or the type may change with levels. One type is the Galleon.

Ships may level up via experience earned in combat like other units, or they may have to be created at a particular level, or increase in some other way.

Ships may be created through a construction process, like Fabrication.

Ships may level by by being upgraded like cities.

Ships may Pop as Equipment along with a crew in the manner of Siege Towers.

[edit] Carrying Capacity

A Lvl 3 Haggar ship carried twenty four Infantry Units, while two Level 2s and a Level 4 carried a total of seventy five Infantry, seven small Flyers, one Heavy Flyer, and a Warlord.LIAB Text 18 One possibility is limits of 10 units per level.

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