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The Shmucker is the primary currency of Erfworld. To date, the only other unit of currency that has been mentioned is the Rand; no exchange rate has been indicated, assuming one is even possible.

Shmuckers that belong to a side are stored in the side's treasury. Shmuckers that belong to a warlord or caster are stored in a personal purse. It is implied that in both cases Shmuckers are not stored as physical objects, but rather as symbolical means of exchange. It is possible though that Shmuckers can exist in physical form - as coins.


What follows is a list of prices and values that have been mentioned in the comic, ordered by value:

  • The spell to summon Parson cost a total of 500,000Erf-b1-p005Same-site.PNG Shmuckers; 150,000 for the casting and support plan, 350,000 (which is all that Stanley would pay) for the spell itself. Stanley considered this an outrageous sum, and the larger figure was literally Gobwin Knob's entire treasuryErf-b1-p006Same-site.PNG at the start of the comic.
  • Charlie tried to charge Don King 250,000 per turn to ally himself with Transylvito in order to ambush Stanley on his way to Faq.Erf-b1-p107Same-site.PNG The price was high, and designed to make Don King reluctant to pay.
  • Jillian argues that 2,500 Shmuckers for Charlie's ThinkagramErf-b1-p051Same-site.PNG service is far from a "nominal" fee as advertised by one of the Archons. Webinar mentions that the fee is "for two-way". A presumably one-way Thinkagram to Ansom cost her 1700 Shmuckers, which was almost her entire purse.Erf-b1-p083Same-site.PNG
  • Parson's upkeep is "over 1,000 Shmuckers per turn"Erf-b1-p038Same-site.PNG. Stanley seems to regard this as annoyingly expensive, but not utterly outrageous.
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