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Stanley the Tool (originally "Stanley the Plaid") is the Overlord of the Plaid tribe.



Race: Men
Tribe: Plaid (nearly lost tribe)
Class: Overlord


Before the story started, Stanley started out as a piker-class infantry under the command of King Saline IV of the Plaid. Eventually, Stanley was promoted to a warlord by Saline, and he found the Arkenhammer, tamed Dwagons, and was eventually promoted to the Heir Designate of Saline.

At one point, Stanley took a number of the Plaid's casters, Sizemore Rockwell among them, on a special mission of undisclosed parameters; when Stanley's group returned to Gobwin Knob, they found that it had fallen to a coup d’état from the gobwins breaking their alliance. With the dwagons, casters, and the bonus from the Arkenhammer, Stanley easily retook the city and became the Overlord of the Plaid.

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