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Turn Number:8
Side's Turn:Night

In the foreground, the Spock-like caster stands holding his hands together, facing several others who are each seated in a lotus position and mirroring the gesture. In the background, Janis and Sizemore carry on with their conversation.


Janis: It means growth. It means improvement in the direction of your ideals. Not futility.

Look, you've gained two levels since I saw you last.

Does the fact that you can never be Level Infinity mean that you can't keep improving in that direction?

Sizemore Rockwell: Improving?

No I never wanted it.

And I never want to level like that again.

[edit] Notes

One of the Hippiemancers looks like Jimi Hendrix; another possibly like Frank Zappa.

The Spock-like caster's hand gesture and the seated circle of Hippiemancers mirror Spock's initial greeting of the seated Catullan delegation in the original Star Trek episode "The Way to Eden" (3x20).

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