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(Blog reference template)
(Make it possible to display Blog links as inline text rather than only as citations)
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<includeonly><sup class="plainlinks">[http://www.erfworld.com/{{{1}}}/{{{2}}}/{{{3}}} <span title="Blog Entry {{{3}}}, {{{2}}}/{{{1}}}">{{{3}}}</span>]</sup></includeonly><noinclude>{{{{PAGENAME}}/doc}}</noinclude>
{{#ifeq {{{inline|no}}} | yes | | <sup class="plainlinks">}}
[http://www.erfworld.com/{{{1}}}/{{{2}}}/{{{3}}} <span title="Blog Entry {{{3}}}, {{{2}}}/{{{1}}}">{{{4|{{{3}}} }}}</span>]
{{#ifeq {{{inline|no}}} | yes | | </sup>}}

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Documentation is at Template:Blog/doc. edit

For references to the Erfworld Blog.


As a citation: {{blog|year|month|title}}.
As an inline link: {{blog|year|month|title|display-text|inline=yes}}


{{blog|2009|08|summer-updates-025}} would display summer-updates-025 External.png.
{{blog|2009|08|summer-updates-025|This is an example|inline=yes}} would display This is an exampleExternal.png.

For references with 4 components ( e.g. http://www.erfworld.com/2009/10/page/9/ ), use Template Blog2.

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