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For references to the comic. Links to the comic archive on this site rather than on Giant ITP.

[edit] Maintenance

Please be aware that the script that converts Book 2 page numbers into dates (since comics are posted by date rather than page) is not automatic and must be manually updated at Template:Erf/pagelookup.

Book 0 is going to be an even more evil hack, but probably manually updated similarly.

[edit] Usage

You can use any of the following three formats.

{{Erf|Book|Page|Further Information (optional)}}
{{Erf|Book|Page|Panel|Further Information (optional)}}
{{Erf|Book|Page|Panel (optional)}}

[edit] Example

would display Erf-b1-p002Same-site.PNG with the extra text of "Erfworld, Book 1, Page 002" visible via mouseover.


would display Erf-b1-p002-p5Same-site.PNG with the extra text of "Erfworld, Book 1, Page 002, Panel 5" visible via mouseover..


{{Erf|1.5|7|Link to page 7 of the summer update}}
would display Erf-b1.5-p7Same-site.PNG

For a slightly more complex example:

{{Erf|1|002|5|Manpower can taste key lime pie}}

displays Erf-b1-p002-p5Same-site.PNG, with the extra text visible via mouseover.

If the extra text includes characters which have other meanings in wiki markup or HTML, (such as fancy brackets or quotation marks, among others) you may need to use <nowiki></nowiki> tags for it to display correctly.
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