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Previous battle: none
Concurrent battle: none
Next battle: none
The Spamming of Erfwiki
Date: January-February, 2011
Place: Erfwiki
Outcome: Undetermined









  • Bot1
  • Bot2
  • Bot3
  • Bot4
  • Bot5
  • Bot6
  • Bot7
  • Bot8
  • Bot9
  • Probably MANY Others






On the 25th of January, 2011, User Vatcri created an account and then created the new wiki page "Employment In Tallahassee" with various links to external sites and much text.

With a single wielding of the mighty Banhammer Miment obliterated the page at 04:13 UTC on the 25 January 2011 and bannished the user.

The First Wave

Vatcri was shortly followed by Eaclasc who performed the same action only to be met with the same retribution from Miment. Others came but were dealt with swiftly as the mighty Admin sought to stem the flow.

For a while he appeared successful and on the 26th of January, Erfwiki rested, seemingly having won the fight.

The Full Assult

On the 27th of January, 2011, Spammer Feodfer lead the second assult against the Wiki and was followed relentlessly by an army of Bots who sought to create more and more accounts with more and more Spam pages. At one point, even the Main Page came under attack by the Spammer Ingvosm who replaced the content with the foul plague of Spam.

Administrator Miment fought valiantly against the onslaught with the help of User Charles and User NOIP who cleared and categorized users and spam pages alike, but it soon became evident that their fight was in vain.

The Call for Aid

Fighting a losing battle against the relentless Spambots, Administrator Miment and User Charles posted a plea for help in the Erfworld forum, requesting further anti-spam tools to be installed into the Erfwiki. Charles also PMed Rob Balder, CCing Harknell who had been missing since the 8th of January, asking for aid in the battle. Requests were also made on the talk pages of both Titans but it was Administrator Miment who successfully contacted Rob Balder in IRC who confirmed awareness of the issue and assured the loyal Tool that he was contacting Harknell with the news.

[15:02] <RobTitan> Primary problem is with new pages being created, then?
[15:03] <Miment> Yes
[15:04] <Miment> Disabling new pages would be an OK temp fix, but requiring a proper captcha
 on edits with new external links should stop basically any type of spam.
[15:07] <RobTitan> I will quote you on that directly to Harknell in this email I am composing.

There is Another

As the Spambot's assult on Erfwiki died down the defenders sank with heavy hearts to lick their wounds and were made weary as they looked upon the mass of cleared spam pages that still required deletion. Its was then that Administrator CIHN arrived on the scene in time to clear up the rubble. Stepping out from the lurkes he purged the cleared Spam pages without mercy, leaving naught but a log of deletions in his path and there was much rejoicing as the Spammer's category emptied of its contents.

The Battle of Elviis-Death-Week

Lo, in the week of honoring the death of purported Titan Elviis, who walked into history one score and ten and four years past, a spammer didst appear bearing a name unlike other spammers previous. Zhangpan bore a name reversed from the honorable Pan Zhang who was a military general of the second century in the three kingdoms. This subterfuge temporarily bedazzled the guardians of the gates with the soon-to-be-dashed hope that Zhangpan would bring great glory to Erfwiki. Several pages fell to Zhangpan's betrayal, but those denizens of Erfwiki who guarded the inner gates were not blinded by the reflected glory of Pan Zhang, and soon saw the actions of Zhangpan as what they were: wicked betrayal !

The Clones of Herr Spam Auf Deutsch!

The spam wars grew quiet for nearly two score days, and then a trickle of clones of Herr Spam Auf Deutch did approach the gates of Erfwiki. Initially, they came in quietly, perusing the wares and partaking of the olde stories told by many. After a large influx in the peak of the month of the great party Oktoberfest, the eagle-eyed User:Abb3w identified them all as strikingly similar. They were not only all speakers of the grand language of warriors (German), by they all spoke of easy money through gambling and lower energy prices, in fact, they had came to Erfwiki to market their wares and perhaps increase their Google Rank! Rebuffed by Abb3w's quick work, the word must have filtered back to those still coming up the trade-route for their presence fell to a trickle once again. Will another horde come through, perhaps for the spookiest Hallow's Eve party? Only time will tell.


Even now, the battle rages on between Spambot and Erfwiki as the Bots continue to create user accounts and Spam pages, but the Administrators and Users maintain vigilance as they await The Return of the Bureaucrat.

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