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Proposed Canon

The vampires of Transylvito are a sentient race of flying humanoids. Transylvito Vampires appear as Men except that they have red eyes with no sclera or pupil, pointed ears, and light gray skin.

Transylvito vampires:

  • Are not vulnerable to sunlight.Erf-b1-p093Same-site.PNG They end turn before night just like everyone else.
  • Drink the blood of wildlife, and have at least threatened to drink Humanoid blood.
  • The Natural Ability of flightErf-b1-p139Same-site.PNG. Don King has not been seen to fly.
  • Can tame Bats found in wild. This allows them to utilize the bat's Natural Ability of Remote Visual Link
  • May store things (inc. Doombats and a casket) in a cape.
  • Sleep in caskets at night.
  • May give bonuses to Doombats in the same hex
  • Are living (i.e. not uncroaked). They are popped, not created by conversion of non-vampires, as in Real World stories of vampires.


Some Transylvito Vampires, including Don King, have not been seen to fly, though it may just a result of not needing to do so in the situations they've been seen in. Al Frappacino was not observed to fly, though it isn't entirely clear that he is a vampire. When Heavy Units like Parson or promoted Hobgobwins tried to ride Dwagons, they weighed them down so they couldn't fly; it's possible that Don King and Al Frappacino are Heavy units and that this precludes flight for them. Their physical builds could indicate this, in an example of natural Signamancy, as they are the same sort of round potato-shape as Parson and Twolls.

They may have a special ability to produce blood from a Unit, as there has been no other blood in Erfworld.

May have dance fighting as a special ability.

Real World References

Vampires in most fiction are required to drink human blood to sate a "hunger". Transylvito Vampires do not have this weakness.

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