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Dan, on the "Spell" page you added something non-committal about Scrolls maybe costing some juice in Proposed Canon. PC is what we believe to be true, and should not include options. If you think something isn't firm enough, that there are other reasonable options, then move it back to Speculation when you add options. There should be no "maybe"s, "presumably"s, "apparantly"s, or "should be"s in PC. This is what we believe to be true, so that Rob can advance it to Canon either with minimal editing, or with none at all. If there are options, it's just not ready for Canon and so not ready for PC.

In this case, since there is no actual evidence at all that scrolls use juice, and Page 125 has Parson saying to Maggie to use scrolls so as to not use her own juice, this is pretty much pure speculation with no evidence. Unless you have some evidence, please undo your change and restore it to the way it was. --Kreistor 00:13, 22 July 2009 (UTC)

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