Wonderful Royal Expeditionary Company of Doom

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Proposed Canon

The Wonderful Royal Expeditionary Company of Doom, also known as the WRECD, was a band sent forth by the bubble Side of Faq in the hopes of finding a lost Capital Site.

Proposed by King Banhammer, it was opposed by Jillian who was overruled after Marie made a Prediction. [1]

The company was composed of a few dozen archers and stabbers mounted on Gwiffons as well as every Warlord at King Banhammer's command. They were led to their doom by Princess Jillian Zamussels.

An ill-advised attempt to circumnavigate the Side of Haffaton led the WRECD to the discovery the apparently defenseless Haffaton City Diecast.[2] The City was sacked but the company was annihilated shortly afterwards, their presence having been detected by Wanda.[3]

Known Members

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